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Candy Coated Chocolate Rocks


Fiesta Candy Lineup by NationwideCandy.com

Chocolate Rocks also known as Magic Rocks are the newest and greatest addition to the world of Chocolate. This milk chocolate item is candy coated and designed to look like real rocks. With it's multi colors and texture, it allows the user to really have fun designing cakes, Ice Cream Novelties, Toppings, Ginger Bread Houses and more. Imagination is the only limitation with this wonderful chocolate item.

Monterrey Rocks

3 Lbs. $14.79

Turquoise Rocks

3 Lbs. $14.18

Original Chocolate Rocks

3 Lbs. $13.05

Chocolate Beach Pebbles

3 Lbs. $15.75

River Rocks

3 Lbs. $16.80


  Candy Coated Choco Rocks


Kimmie Candy Lineup by NationwideCandy.com

Choco Rocks by Kimmie Candy are made with the finest chocolate and have their own unique texture. More variety and options can be found with Kimmie. Too many selections to show here. Visit Nationwide Candy to see all that Kimmie Candy has to offer.

Choco Rocks Emeralds

5 Lbs. $30.18

Choco Rocks Original

Milk Chocolate

5 Lbs. $27.00

Choco Rocks Gold Boulders

5 Lbs. $34.50

Choco Rocks Rubys

5 Lbs. $25.08

Choco Rocks River Stones

5 Lbs. $27.00

Wholesale bulk customers can receive huge discounts. At 1000 lbs. shipping is free.

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